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Welcome to the website of the Forest & Heritage Centre, located at Geeveston in Tasmania.

The Forest & Heritage Centre is the gateway to the Southern Forests, home of the Tahune Forest Reserve and Tahune AirWalk, and the World Heritage Hartz Mountains National Park.

The Centre offers you a wonderful opportunity to gain a hands on and visual interpretation of forest practices, both past & present, before going out into working forest regions where you can observe areas which have been preserved alongside areas which are being used to harvest our Tasmanian timbers.

The Forest & Heritage Centre is made up of four different sections. They are The Forest Room, The Hartz Gallery, Craft Shop and Tourism Information.


The Forest & Heritage Centre was established in 1990, through the inspiration of the Esperance Council. Due to the signing of the Helsham Agreement, 25% of additional old growth and regional forests of the Esperance municipality was added to National Parks, thus denied to the logging industry of the Municipality. As Tourism was not playing an important part in the economy, it was decided to turn the Town Hall into a Forest Centre. It would be a Centre where people from all over the world could get an understanding of forests and the timber industry, where they can obtain the facts and not emotional information.

Works commenced in April 1990, during the renovations up to 17 people were employed and this was a real boost to the area. Jack Kile (Councillor) had the vision that the Centre could have the potential of attracting visitors, it would be the crown, and the jewels would be in the various forest walks where visitors could see nature first hand.

Jack Kile stated in his speech on opening day October 26th, 1991, “It is the first time in Australia that logging and tourism are working side by side and that is the way it has got to be.”


The Forest and Heritage Centre is located at Church St, Geeveston, approximately 50 minutes drive south of Hobart along the A6 Highway. The Centre is the most Southerly Tasmanian Visitor Information Centre and centrally located along the Huon Trail. It is the gateway to the Southern Forests and World Heritage Hartz Mountains National Park and Far South.